A Mommy Make-over

A mommy makeover is a cosmetic procedure that has become increasingly popular among new mothers looking to restore their pre-pregnancy body shape. The physical changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth can often lead to sagging breasts, excess skin, and unwanted fat deposits. To combat these post-partum symptoms, many women are turning to regenerative medicine […]

Sr.Shamani A/P Jayasingam

Labour Ward Manager Nothing can compare to the miracle of a child’s birth. The moment when a newborn baby lets out its first cry, announcing his or her arrival to the world is always wondrous; a memory that will forever be imprinted in the parents’ minds.  She and her team of nurses are based exclusively […]

Ms. Jenny Chong​

Senior Staff Nurse Renal Transplant Nurse I love building relationships with patients and families while providing education that enables them to be active members of their own healthcare team. In kidney transplant, the survival of the transplant depends on patients complying with their medication regime every day for the rest of their lives. For people […]

Dr Chua Hwa Sen

Dr Chua Hwa Sen is an orthopedic surgery specialist with expertise in degenerative joint diseases of the knee, hip, and shoulder, post-operative complications of knee and hip replacements, sports injuries, fractures, and osteoporosis. He specializes in procedures like hip, knee, and shoulder arthroplasty, robotic-assisted surgery, and periprosthetic fracture management. He holds a Master’s in Orthopedic […]

Dr Heng Siew Ping​

Chief Medical Physicist – Comic and Cancer Sunway Medical Centre’s chief medical physicist Dr Heng Siew Ping’s office suite is always opened, warmly welcoming patients to walk in for consultations.“I love to talk to patients and through our interaction, I found out that most patients do not have a good understanding of their diagnosis and […]

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