Sunway Medical Centre Penang

Sunway Medical Centre Penang

Sunway Medical Centre Penang Address: 3106, Lebuh Tenggiri 2 Seberang Jaya, 13700 Perai, Pulau Pinang

Sunway Healthcare Group (SHG) is a leading integrated private healthcare group with a network of hospitals and health services in Malaysia. Following the success of Sunway Medical Centre, we opened our second tertiary hospital, Sunway Medical Centre Velocity in September 2019. Together, the two hospitals have a combined capacity of 800 beds and close to 300 consultant specialists.

As part of our expansion strategy to provide more communities with access to quality healthcare, we will increase our footprint all over Malaysia with a hospital in Seberang Jaya (Penang). This growth will propel us to be one of the largest healthcare groups in the region, with a combined capacity of over 3,500 beds throughout our network of hospitals.

Our primary focus is to deliver excellent medical outcome through patient-centric care. We continue to improve the lives we touch through holistic healthcare offerings such as ambulatory care, traditional and complementary medicine, home care services, as well as health-screening and GP services. Our reputation is well known

in the region as our hospitals have received more than 43,000 international patients from over 135 countries.

    Progress and Growth

    Expansion of hospitals and speciality centres across the country

    A Whole Spectrum of Care

    We provide tertiary and ambulatory care, as well as supportive and complementary healthcare services for all

    Shaping the Future of Healthcare

    We emphaises on continuous learning and the development of our healthcare professionals through worldclass collaborations

    OUR SERVICES Example

    Centres of Excellence & Medical

    SpecialitiesTop-notch medical care with world-class facilities

    Cancer Centre

    The Cancer Centre is a comprehensive cancer care centre supporting all kinds of cancer patients including head and neck cancer, lung, colon, breast, cervix, prostate, stomach and others.Our team of specialists and healthcare professionals practice a multidisciplinary approach to cancer management, offering patients myriad treatment options for surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other therapies, that are carefully curated to help patients combat cancer and reduce pain and suffering.

    Additionally, the centre is supported by our radiology department and nuclear medicine centre providing diagnostic scans – CT, MRI, PET/CT – and the use of other diagnostic tools to accurately diagnose and stage cancer, enabling personalised treatment plans.

    Treatment planning differs for each individual even for the same cancer type. We always ensure that our treatments are not only personalised, but are also clinically recognised, researched and result-driven to enable patients to get back on their feet in as little time, cost, and discomfort as possible.

    Women & Children's Centre

    The Women & Children’s Centre offers a full range of obstetrics and gynaecological health care, paediatrics health care and family planning services.


    Our holistic approach to women’s and children’s health is evidence-based and of the highest quality in healthcare. Our doctors and nurses are continuously trained on new approaches in order to provide you with the most up-to-date methods and procedures that are best suited for you and your child.

    Women’s Health

    A comprehensive range of services for the overall well-being of a woman is made available in the centre, including comprehensive gynaecology care, cancer treatments, management of pregnancies and pre-and post-natal care.

    From routine annual physical examinations (add s) and Pap smears (add s) to menopause, our team is on hand to get women through each phase, in a safe and facile approach to complete health care. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that patient care starts at the beginning of life itself.

    Children’s Health

    On top of this, our child health services provide medical care and preventative services for the physical, mental and behavioural health care of newborns, infants, toddlers, children and adolescents from 0 to 18 years old.

    Caring for the health, general growth, and overall well-being of children, we offer a wide range of comprehensive services from immunisation and screening to diagnosis and treatment of any health problems that may affect younger patients, including monitoring of growth rate and physical milestones of children, developmental issues and their changing medical needs as they grow.

    Expecting Mothers

    For expecting mothers, we combine modern technology with comfortable surroundings and professional care to ensure a safe childbirth experience for mothers and babies. We also specialise in pre-and post-natal care, infant development and mother-and-baby wellness.

    We offer more than just physical support as we also pay attention to the emotional and physiological development of the infant and mother.

    Our experienced nurses and doctors help to nurture the parent-baby relationship and support parents in continuing care after discharge.

    Our nursing staff have been trained to provide a step-by-step guide in breastfeeding your baby where you can learn the best breastfeeding positions and overcome common breastfeeding problems. Other methods include guiding mothers through the feeding cup, bathing the baby, safe baby care and other newborn care advice.

    We will continue to improve the overall birthing and coming into parenthood experience for our clients.

    Digestive Health Centre

    At Sunway, we provide comprehensive medical care for a wide spectrum of gastrointestinal (GI) tract, liver, pancreas and gallbladder conditions and diseases, covering from the mouth to the anus which includes the:

    Digestive Health specialists

    Digestive issues are common and can affect anyone at any time. Our goal is to improve your comfort, recovery time, and overall quality of life by utilising the most cutting-edge medical treatments and technologies to improve your digestive health.

    The team of specialists at our Digestive Health Centre treat diseases of the digestive system and those affecting the GI tract ranging from:

    Supported by advanced diagnostic imaging services to ensure precise diagnosis and accurate treatment planning, the centre is also equipped with modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment including endoscopy services – gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

    Accident & Emergency Department

    Call our Emergency Ambulance Services :

    Services Offered :

    • Acute surgical conditions (e.g. acute abdominal pain/ bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract)
    • Medical emergencies (e.g. heart attack, stroke, severe asthma, pneumonia, shock, sepsis, etc)
    • Orthopaedic injuries
    • Sports injuries
    • Paediatric emergencies
    • Acute ear, nose and throat (ENT) and eye emergencies
    • Any other emergencies

    24 Hours Accident & Emergency +604 – 373 9111

    Health Screening Packages

    International Patient Centre


    Services Offered * (T&C applies)

    • Assist in medical transfer to Malaysia
    • Welcome and assist patient upon arrival in hospital
    • Complimentary airport pick-up for patient from Penang International Airport
    • Assist in personal request for general screening checks and collection of results
    • Assist in admission and discharge for patient
    •  Assist in booking of hotel
    •  Arrange for a second opinion (international standard) wherever necessary
    • Assist with necessary medical documents in extending of visa stay in Malaysia
    • Assist in the necessary documents for insurance claim
    • Arrange for a medical report from doctor for change in date of flight ticket due to unforeseen prolonged medical stay


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    Telemedicine Command Center

    Your Caring Medical Concierge



    Improving The Lives We Touch​

    Sunway Medical Centre Penang is a comprehensive tertiary care hospital that aims to provide quality and compassionate healthcare to families and communities in the surrounding area. Envisioned to be the Northern medical hub, Sunway Medical Centre Penang is supported by experienced physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals that are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all their patients.

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