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🎉News from Ezy Healthcare🎉Healthcare Expo 2023! Bandung, Indonesia !

As we continue to fortify our global presence and commitment towards accessible healthcare, we are delighted to share that Ezy Healthcare is also on the ground in Bandung, Indonesia, for the inaugural Malaysia Healthcare Expo (MHX) 2023!

We extend our hearty congratulations to Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) on the successful launch of MHX, a significant initiative towards offering world-class, affordable, and accessible healthcare. We are truly honoured to collaborate and share this platform through our MOU agreement with MHTC.

Our very own Dr. Melania Bani Cahyanti, Director of Sales for Indonesia, is attending the expo, representing Ezy Healthcare. She is excited to engage with visitors, professionals, and our healthcare partners, showcasing our innovative healthcare solutions and sharing our vision for a healthier world.

The MHX is an excellent opportunity for us to directly interact with our healthcare travellers, understand their needs better and introduce them to Ezy Healthcare’s offerings. It also exemplifies our commitment to expanding our services, focusing on quality and affordability.

We invite everyone attending the MHX to meet our team, explore our healthcare solutions, and understand how Ezy Healthcare is shaping the future of global healthcare.

Congratulations once again to MHTC for launching MHX and creating this wonderful platform. Together, let’s make healthcare truly Ezy and accessible for everyone, everywhere!

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Ezy Healthcare is a global medical facilitator focused on making healthcare easy and accessible. As we continue to broaden our operations in the vast and promising Indonesian market, these strategic appointments further fortify our commitment to being a global player in the healthcare industry.


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