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Welcome to Ezyhealthcare, your trusted partner in medical tourism. As a leading medical tourism facilitator service provider, we aim to provide you with comprehensive information and assistance to make your journey for medical treatment in India smooth and hassle-free. 

Why Choose India as Your Medical Tourism Destination? 

India has emerged as one of the best destinations for medical tourism, attracting patients from all over the world. Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose India for your treatment: 

World-Class Healthcare Infrastructure

India boasts state-of-the-art corporate hospitals that rival the best in the world. With about 21 JCI Accredited and 325 NABH accredited/empanelled hospitals, you can expect top-notch medical services and facilities. 

Highly Skilled Medical Professionals

Indian doctors and scientists are renowned globally for their expertise and training. Many of them have studied and trained in prestigious Indian and international medical institutions, ensuring that you receive world-class medical care. 

Advanced Medical Technologies

India has witnessed significant advancements in medical technology, making it capable of treating diseases that were once considered untreatable. From advanced diagnostic tools to cutting-edge surgical procedures, India offers the latest in medical innovation. 

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More about medical tourism in India?

 One of the biggest advantages of medical tourism in India is the significant cost savings. Compared to developed countries like the US and UK, medical treatments in India can cost 60-90% lower. This affordability extends to various treatments, making it an attractive option for patients seeking quality care at a fraction of the cost. 

The Indian government is committed to establishing  

minimum quality standards in healthcare. Accreditation bodies like Joint Commission International (JCI) and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) ensure that hospitals meet stringent quality benchmarks, providing assurance to patients seeking treatment. 

The Indian government is actively working on establishing minimum quality standards to ensure patient safety and reassurance. The removal of visa restrictions and the introduction of medical visas for specific treatments have also boosted medical tourism. 

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Significance of Medical Tourism in India?

India has emerged as a top medical tourism destination, offering high-quality healthcare services, cost-effective treatment options, and a wealth of advanced medical technologies. Choosing India for your medical journey can provide you with exceptional care while saving you money. When you partner. 


Advantages of Medical Tourism in India  

India has witnessed a steady rise in medical tourism, with approximately 500,000 patients visiting in 2017. Here are some advantages that make India an attractive choice for medical tourists: 


The low-cost healthcare services in India make it an affordable option for patients seeking treatment. With savings ranging from 30% to 70%, including expenses for travel and accommodation, patients can avail themselves of world-class medical care at a fraction of the cost.

High-Quality Medical Care

Indian hospitals have earned a reputation as world-class institutions with advanced facilities and technology. Accreditation from JCI and NABH ensures that the healthcare provided meets the highest international standards.

Low Exchange Rates

The favorable foreign exchange rates, with a weaker Indian rupee, make medical tourism in India even more economical for international patients.

Availability of Generic Medicines

India has one of the largest pharmaceutical industries globally, exporting drugs to over 180 countries. The availability of low-cost generic medicines contributes to the affordability of treatment.

Immediate Access to Treatment

Medical tourists in India receive immediate access to healthcare services, without having to endure long waiting times. Prompt treatment is crucial when dealing with health matters, and India ensures patients receive the care they need promptly.

Well-Connected Travel and Communication

India’s well-connected flight network makes travel easy.

Why Choose EzyHealthcare?

Extensive Hospital Network:  

Ezyhealthcare has established partnerships with leading hospitals across India, ensuring access to a wide range of medical specialties and renowned doctors.  

Second Opinion from Top Medical Institutes:  

We offer the option of obtaining second opinions from globally renowned medical institutes in the US, Germany, and Singapore, providing patients with expert insights into their treatment options.  

Transparent and Competitive Pricing: 

 Ezyhealthcare guarantees the lowest quotes for medical treatment, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.  

Comprehensive Support 

Our services extend beyond treatment arrangements. We provide post-surgery follow-up, medical assistance, guidance on alternative treatment plans, and video-conferencing for online consultations with doctors.  

Highly Qualified and Committed Doctors:

Our network of doctors comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering the best possible care to patients. 

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