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Ezyhealthcare takes pride in offering exceptional air ambulance services specifically tailored for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (E.C.M.O.) transfers. Our unwavering commitment to providing unique and unparalleled care ensures that patients experiencing heart or lung failure receive the highest level of support during critical moments.

E.C.M.O.: Revolutionizing Life Support

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (E.C.M.O.) is a remarkable life support machine extensively used in open heart surgeries. Its purpose is to pump and oxygenate a patient’s blood outside the body, granting respite to the heart and lungs. E.C.M.O. is a lifeline for individuals on the path to recovery from heart failure or lung failure.

The Advantages of E.C.M.O. Mobility

The greatest advantage of E.C.M.O. is its newfound mobility, enabling it to be transported via air ambulance or traditional ambulance. This flexibility is a tremendous relief in emergency situations, ensuring that critical patients receive timely access to the life-saving care they require.

E.C.M.O. Uses: Bridging the Gap to Recovery

E.C.M.O. serves as a vital support system for individuals facing high-risk cardiac and lung conditions. It acts as a crucial bridge, ensuring tissues remain oxygenated and promoting the patient’s overall improvement. Our air ambulance services for E.C.M.O. transfers are invaluable for the following conditions:

Heart Conditions
Lung Conditions

Mitigating Risks Safety at the Forefront

At Ezyhealthcare, patient safety is our utmost priority. While E.C.M.O. offers life-saving potential, it is important to be aware of potential risks and take necessary precautions

Blood thinning during E.C.M.O. may increase
the likelihood of bleeding from various body sites. It is crucial to closely monitor patients to detect and address any serious bleeding, particularly within the brain, lungs, or cannulas.

In rare cases, insufficient blood supply to the kidneys during the procedure may lead to acute renal failure. To sustain kidney function, we provide specialized machine-assisted filtration, enabling the kidneys to continue their vital role in the body

The presence of tubes within the body poses a risk of infection as they provide an entry point for germs to enter the bloodstream. We rigorously adhere to stringent infection control protocols, minimizing the risk and ensuring the highest standards of care.

Blood thinning during E.C.M.O. may increase
E.C.M.O. support may impair blood flow, potentially causing damage to leg tissues and interfering with normal leg function. In severe cases, surgical intervention, including partial leg removal, may be necessary. Our medical team maintains constant vigilance to prevent such complications and promptly addresses them if they arise.

During E.C.M.O. support, the increased blood flow required by the brain may lead to the formation of small blood clots, which can result in a stroke. Our team is diligent in closely monitoring patients to promptly identify any signs of stroke and take immediate action to minimize its impact

Count on Ezyhealthcare for Unrivaled Ambulance Services

When it comes to E.C.M.O. transfers, Ezyhealthcare stands unparalleled in delivering exceptional air ambulance services. We are committed to providing unique, compassionate care, ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of support during critical phases of recovery. Trust us to be your reliable partner, offering unwavering dedication to healthcare excellence when it matters most.

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