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Welcome to the first “One Stop Center For Men’s Health” in Malaysia!

He Medical Clinic Malaysia is a clinic with a special interest in treating sexual health problems that occur especially in Malaysia. We are particularly interested in providing a complete and holistic method for treating medical concerns. This is critical because most of sexual health problems are symptoms of an undiscovered medical ailment. We offer high-quality treatment for illnesses that affect people of all ages.

We ensure that your information is private when you visit us at He Medical Clinic Malaysia. Our physicians have trained, practiced, and taught in some of the world’s best centers. This allows us to return exceptional skillsets to our private clinics. Be

confident that you are placed in experienced hands with professional, personal service and the most significant degree of patient care.

Featured Services

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) For Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a machine with a transducer that emits low pulses of shockwaves to the arteries in the penis, not just stimulating and better blood flow in the penis, but also induces Angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels), thus treating erectile dysfunction.

It helps in :

  • Better Penile Circulation
  • High Quality Erections and Better Performance naturally
  • Synergistic and Boosts Effects of Oral Medications for erectile dysfunction
  • Enhancement to your erection needs
  • Makes Penile Plaques More Friable : reducing penile curvature that cause penile curvature
  • Painless and non-invasive.
  • No downtime

Sexual Health Services

Comprehensive STD Test and Treatment

Regular testing is an important aspect of controlling your risk for HIV and STDs.

The Center for Disease Control and Control (CDC) advises sexually active individuals to take STD test on a regular basis (at least two times a year) to enable early diagnosis of infection. This drastically decreases the likelihood of additional transmission and allows therapy to begin quickly without any critical health complications. Taking a STD test to check your STD status is vital. Many STDs are curable with the right medicines. Identifying your status also allows you to take precautions to keep your partner safe while the virus is treated. Antibiotics taken without adequate medical counsel can potentially cause microorganisms to become resistant to the drugs, necessitating more potent and more toxic medications to treat.

STD Testing and Treatment

  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Type 1 & 2 · Gonorrhoea · Chlamydia · Non gonoccoccal urethritis (NGU)
  • Mycoplasma
  • Ureaplasma Urealaticum/Parvum
  • Trichomonas V.
  • Candidiasis
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) PCR

STD Screening Packages

  • Penile Discharge Test And Treatment · Penile Skin Rashes Test And Treatment
  • Genital Ulcer Test And Treatment
  • Comprehensive Screening for Men
  • Comprehensive Screening for Women


  • Radiowave removal is a simple procedure using radiofrequency to remove moles, birthmarks, warts, skin tags, lipoma, sebaceous cyst, and ganglion cyst.
  • Radiowave uses high frequency and vaporisation rather than cutting.
  • The technique uses, leaves fast, pain-free, less scar and effective results.
  • Effective Removal by Our Experience Physician
  • Effective to Remove Raised Genital Warts, Moles,Skin Tags and others
  • Quick and Convenient, No Down Time
  • Painless and bloodless
  • Less Scar
  • Can remove all the lesions in a SINGLE SESSION

How Long Does Radiowave Removal Usually Take?

The actual removal is very quick.

It takes less than five minutes to remove a lesion (depending on the number and size of the lesions).

Before removing any lesion, our doctor will take a full medical history and explain the procedure to the patient.

After the consultation with the patient, our doctor will examine the lesion just to make sure that it is non-sinister.

Once the lesion has been classified, we can advise either to send the lesion for histopathological. Sometimes, a mole does not look nice and therefore the patient might decide for aesthetic reasons to remove it like seborrheic keratosis which is a benign mole and can be left but the patient may decide to have it removed through Radiowave mole removal for aesthetic reasons.

Health Screening Test

  • Executive Health Screening Test
  • Comprehensive Health Screening Test
  • Hormone and Health Screening Test

P-Shots for Harder,Stronger and Longer Erection

The P-SHOTS is an innovative procedure that uses Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) injections to stimulate increased blood flow and new cell growth.

For A Painless and Safe Adult Male Circumcision?

Stapler Circumcision

Developed in China, the circular stapler is a new device used to perform circumcision. From studies, it is found that stapler circumcision requires a shorter operative time, causes minimal pain, and a low blood loss volume compared with another circumcision device, Shang Ring.


Do you have low libido, low energy, feeling moody / depressed?

As men ages, testosterone levels in the body will slowly decline. It is estimated that the decline of testosterone is at about approximately 1% per year past the age 30 or 40.

Once the levels of testosterone is lower than the normal range, this may be referred to as ‘hypogonadism’. In adult-onset hypogonadism, the body’s ability to produce normal amount of testosterone is limited.

HIV Test /Prevention /Treatment

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks cells in the body that help it combat infections, making a person more susceptible to other infections and diseases. Contact with the body fluids of an HIV-positive person, most often during unprotected intercourse (sex without the use of a condom), or sharing drug injection equipment spreads the virus.

Joint Pains

Joint discomfort is common and usually felt in the shoulder, knee, finger, elbow and ankle. Pain may be constant or it can come and go. Sometimes the joint can feel stiff, achy, or sore. Some patients complain of a burning, throbbing, or “grating” sensation. In addition, the joint may feel stiff in the morning but loosen up and feel better with movement and activity. However, too much activity could make the pain worse. Joint pain may affect the function of the joint, and can limit a person’s ability to do basic tasks. Severe joint pain can affect the quality of life. Treatment should focus not only on pain but also on the affected activities and functions.

  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Elbow/Finger Pain
  • Foot and Ankle Pain

Among the treatment methods are:

  • Pain relief and rest
  • Exercise and Physiotherapy
  • Injection Method on Joints or Involved Areas


Hair Transplant is the transplantation of hair follicles from the donor area, which is not genetically shed, to those who lose their functionality due to factors such as hair loss because of Hormonal disorders of hair follicles, stress, vitamin deficiency, genetic factors, etc.

Why choose FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)?

Sapphire FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is a type of hair restoration procedure that uses equipment made from sapphire to transplant hair follicles with a device called micro motor. The hair follicles in the donor area of the person are taken one by one and transplanted to the bald area.

On average, the cost of hair transplant in Malaysia ranges from RM 8,000 to RM 20,000. However, it is important to note that the cost may be higher for more advanced procedures or for clinics with a higher reputation. It is recommended to consult with a few clinics and compare prices before deciding.

HE MEDICAL CLINIC is founded by a team of experienced Doctors who is looking to elevate the state of Men’s Health and Sexual Health in Malaysia.

Men’s Health & Sexual-Related Issues

We at He Medical Clinic provide a holistic, comprehensive and discreet approach in tackling medical conditions faced by Men especially in Malaysia.

Most of Men’s health related issue has an undiagnosed medical illness thus treating the symptom alone may not be beneficial in the long run if the root caused of it is not treated.

Men Commonly tend to neglect their health and sexual issues owing to the stress in their life. At He Med Clinic, one of the top men’s health clinic in Malaysia, we make sure that we help you get the treatment and result you are looking for in treating your sexual issues.
From enhancing your sexual performance to effectively treating any sexual health issues that you are facing, we do it all only here with a team of certified doctors.

We provide a private, discreet and comfortable setting for you to discuss your problem with our doctors.Our doctors are professionally trained and certified in Malaysia to assist you in your medical needs.

Here at He Medical Clinic, we address your issues with confidentiality, professionalism and integrity.
Our doctors are well-trained, friendly, and impartial.

HE MEDICAL CLINIC  – Your Privacy, Our Priority


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