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🎉🏥 Exciting news from Ezy Healthcare, Malaysia! In partnership with the renowned Sunway Medical Centre, we are delighted to present our Men’s Health Screening Packages – an investment for your wellness! 💪🏥

Medical tourism in Malaysia is popular for a reason. Not only do we offer top-notch medical services, but also the chance to recover in the heart of a beautiful holiday destination. Experience treatment and a wonderful holiday seamlessly interwoven! 🌴🌆

Sunway Medical Centre is known for its comprehensive range of medical services, advanced facilities, and a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. They are fully equipped and ready to serve your health needs 24/7. 🩺👩‍⚕️

Men’s Health Screenings are preventive checks conducted to detect potential health conditions before they start showing symptoms. Early detection means easier treatment and a healthier you. These screenings form an essential part of your health journey and we can’t emphasize enough the importance of regular check-ups! 📈🔬

Our Men’s Health Screening Packages are:

  • Men Basic (Recommended for men below 40 years old)
  • Men Wellness (Recommended for men between 40 -50 years old)
  •  Men Comprehensive (Recommended for men above 50 years old)
  • Men Platinum (Recommended for men above 50 years old)

These packages include services such as: ✅ Blood Pressure Screening ✅ Blood and Urine Investigations ✅ Vision Test and Resting ECG ✅ Chest X-Ray and Ultrasound of Abdomen & Pelvis ✅ Consultation & Report and much more…

Additionally, we have planned a half-day Kuala Lumpur City Tour for you to enjoy the vibrant culture and scenic beauty of Malaysia. 🏙️🌅

Take charge of your health today with Ezy Healthcare! For more details and to book your health screening package, reach out to us now.

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