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Dhaka, Bangladesh – May 25, 2023

Ezy HealthCare, a leading global health network, is thrilled to announce its expansion into Bangladesh. We are pleased to welcome Mr. Hossain Syed Shamim as our Director of Sales – Bangladesh. This significant development marks the continued growth of Ezy HealthCare’s footprint, reinforcing our commitment to extending quality healthcare services worldwide.

Mr. Shamim and the local team in Dhaka hosted a welcoming dinner May, 21st  2023 to honor Yani Mustapa, Director of Marketing for the South Asia market of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), who was visiting Dhaka.

The expansion of Ezy HealthCare into Bangladesh represents an important step in our growth strategy. Following this promising start, on May, 24th Mr. Shamim led a series of meetings with Yani MHTC, and the team from Subang Jaya Medical Centre in Malaysia, headed by Joanne Lee (Director, Business Development), and Sha Rizak Bin Shaharaudin (Manager, International Marketing & Events).

Ezy HealthCare is ecstatic about this opportunity to deliver superior healthcare solutions to the people of Bangladesh. This expansion is an affirmation of our dedication to facilitating accessible and efficient healthcare services, no matter where our patients are located.

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About Ezy HealthCare:

Ezy HealthCare is a comprehensive healthcare platform committed to connecting patients with the best healthcare professionals across the globe. With a myriad of tailored services and a robust network of healthcare specialists, we aim to create healthier communities through easy access to reliable and efficient healthcare services.


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