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Medical Tourism Malaysia: EZYHEALTH FAM Trip ( 24 JUL – 28JUL 2023 )

Monday , 24/7/2023

EzyHealthcare International Pty.Ltd visited Pantai Hospital Penang.

Headed by Mdm.Rosnah Ahmad Jafar – Head of Operations Malaysia, together with our esteemed team from Oman ,Ms.Tasneem –Head of UAE & GCC Countries, Dr. Dominic Timotius – Director of Business Development and Dr.Melania Bani Cahyanti -Director of Sales both from Jakarta, Indonesia.

We would like to thanked Mr. Shawn Quah Kah Sheung – International Segment Marketing,Pantai Hospital for spending his time with us.

We’ve got some fantastic news to share… PantaiPg App !!

By using this app, patient do not need to go through the registration process. Pantai Hospital Penang is the 1st to introduce this online appointment system. International patients can now make an appointment to see a specialist via WhatsApp.

Patient can just make the appointment with their doctors according to their preferred date and time just by downloading the PantaiPg apps for free into their smart phone.

Next visit is to Island Hospital ,Penang – The hospital is committed to delivering high-quality patient care, expanding to become a Regional Quaternary Care hospital. It is shortlisted as a finalist for Malaysia’s Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Programme, an innovative initiative that aims to establish new standards in global healthcare travel, spearheaded by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) and fully endorsed by the Government of Malaysia and the Ministry of Health.”

Our team was welcomed by Ms. Sarah Saustian – Marketing Executive of Island Hospital,Penang.

We were welcome to visit the Genesis IVF & Women’s Specialist Centre by Ms.Winnie – International Patient Consultant.

Under the Alpha IVF group, they are able to secure sole access to technology such as PGD/PGS with Ion Torrent NGS, Embryo Freezing with Cryotec and other proven technologies. Combined with their dedicated and fully trained specialist and staff, patients are in good hands. Genesis was chosen as it means “the beginning or the birth”; together let us begin your journey together and end it by Delivering Your Dreams!”

Ends our first day visits ……Team having late dinner with Mr.Nay Phu Tran – CEO/Founder of EzyHealthcare and Mr. Eithod Eliaz Khan delegate from India..So, let’s continue to savor and celebrate the wonders of seafood, cherishing the flavors that connect us to the vast blue expanse and reminding us that the ocean’s bounty is truly a gift to be treasured .. Bon appétit!

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