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Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – May 27, 2023


Ezy HealthCare is delighted to announce the strategic expansion of its network in Saudi Arabia. As part of our continuous effort to provide outstanding healthcare services, we have been solidifying collaborations with leading healthcare professionals in the country. This endeavour reflects our commitment to ensuring that patients receive seamless and high-quality healthcare services from the very best professionals in the industry.

We are proud to introduce the latest additions to the Ezy HealthCare doctors collaboration:

· Dr. Tanveer, a renowned Consultant Pediatric Surgeon from the Security Forces Hospital in Mecca, brings his extensive experience in children’s surgery and healthcare. His participation in our network will enrich our pediatric care capabilities, ensuring that our young patients receive the best possible care.

· Dr. Abdulrahman, a distinguished Consultant ENT Surgeon at King Abdul Aziz hospital in Taif, joins us with a wealth of expertise in ear, nose, and throat conditions and treatments. His contributions will undoubtedly enhance our ability to provide comprehensive ENT care.

· Mr. Ashfaq, a dedicated Pharmacist at the Ministry of National Guards hospital, Taif, brings a solid foundation of pharmaceutical knowledge. His expertise will contribute to a more comprehensive approach to our patient treatment plans, particularly in the realm of medication management.

“We are excited about the collaboration with such distinguished professionals,” said Dr. Sayed, Director of Sales for Ezy HealthCare in Saudi Arabia. “Their collective expertise will undeniably elevate the quality of care we can offer to our patients and will further consolidate our standing as a leading healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia.”

With this strategic enhancement, Ezy HealthCare reaffirms its position as a front-runner in the healthcare sector. The collaboration with these high-calibre professionals underscores our dedication to offering the best possible healthcare to the Saudi Arabian population.

About Ezy HealthCare:

Ezy HealthCare is a comprehensive healthcare platform dedicated to connecting patients with top healthcare professionals in the region. By providing a variety of services tailored to individual patient needs and harnessing the power of its extensive network of healthcare specialists, Ezy HealthCare aims to create healthier communities through easy access to trusted and efficient healthcare services.

Press Contact:

Nay Phu Tran

Founder | C.E.O.


From right to left :

Dr Tanveer , Consultant Pediatric Surgeon @ Security forces Hospital , Mecca.

Dr Abdulrahman, Consultant ENT Surgeon @ King Abdul Aziz hospital.

Mr. Taif Mr Ashfaq, Pharmacist @ Ministry of National Guards hospital, Taif .

Dr ( Major) Sayed Saiffuddin Bellary Physician Family Medicine at Ministry of National Guard health affairs .Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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