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Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and Ezy Healthcare Pave Way for International Healthcare Collaboration

May 18, 2023

PATTAYA, THAILAND – Ezy Healthcare, a pioneer in international healthcare services, is pleased to announce the initiation of discussions with Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, one of the leading medical institutions in Thailand. This collaborative dialogue seeks to bring a wealth of expertise to patients worldwide, reinforcing both parties’ commitment to healthcare excellence.

On 18 May 2023, a meeting took place in Pattaya, Thailand, to lay the groundwork for potential business collaboration. Ezy Healthcare and Bangkok Hospital Pattaya are now exploring ways to facilitate a seamless medical tourism experience for patients worldwide.

Jutatip Bowles, Head of International Marketing (Overseas) Department at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, said, “Bangkok Hospitals Pattaya would be very delighted to collaborate with Ezy Healthcare.” She further emphasised that the partnership could provide unprecedented access to world-class medical facilities for international patients, breaking geographical boundaries and ensuring comprehensive care.

The Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is a leading healthcare institution known for its advanced medical technologies and high standards of patient care. As a member of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Group, the largest private hospital group in Thailand, it offers a wide range of medical services, from preventive care to complex surgeries.

The meeting was also been attended by prominent figures from both organizations, including Wirote Mulsap, Salah, and Wallapha (Tanya) Sawasdikool representing Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, while Nay Phu Tran, Founder and CEO of Ezy Healthcare, Tasneem, Head of UAE and G.C.C., and Dr. Farheen Khan, member of the Advisory Committee of Ezy Healthcare, represented the Ezy Healthcare team.

Both Ezy Healthcare and Bangkok Hospital Pattaya believe in a shared vision of providing patients with the best possible medical care, irrespective of their location. Through this potential partnership, the two organizations aim to facilitate this vision and reinforce their global healthcare commitment.

For more information, visit their respective websites at www.ezyhealthcare.net and www.bangkokpattayahospital.com

About Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, a member of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Group, is a leading healthcare provider in Thailand. The hospital is internationally accredited and offers a wide range of medical services, backed by a team of highly skilled professionals and advanced medical technologies.

About Ezy Healthcare

Ezy Healthcare International Pty Ltd is an international healthcare service provider, dedicated to facilitating seamless healthcare experiences for patients around the world. The company focuses on creating partnerships with leading medical institutions to provide the highest quality care to its global clientele.

    Left to right: Jutatip Bowles, Dr. Farheen Khan, Wallapha (Tanya) Sawasdikool, Nay Phu Tran, Tasneem Bombaywala Farkunda, Wirote Mulsu ( Salah)

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