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No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 3, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

Built around the beauty of nature, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is Ipoh, Malaysia’s first luxury natural hot springs wellness retreat offering bespoke holistic experiences for ultimate relaxation, restoring overall wellbeing, finding inspirational ideas, rekindling romance, hosting the wedding or events of your dreams and more.

Its 44 Royal, Grand Garden, Garden, Water and Lake villas offer the best in pampering and indulgent accommodations, and with its international standards of service, The Banjaran provides an all-round package of utmost comfort and relaxation.

The sanctuary is nestled in a 22.7-acre valley in the northern state of Perak, only a 15-minute drive away from Ipoh city and 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur. It’s the ideal place to be for both a tranquil getaway or a transformational corporate event.

Besides its unique spa features, The Banjaran also offers special dining experiences, one such example being Jeff’s Cellar, built into a cavern of a 260-million-year-old limestone hill, the restaurant is known for its fine-dining experiences as well as its host of organic and rare wines, all presented alongside an ambience that’s one of a kind. Located within the cave is also our Jeff’s Cellar Bar which was listed as the top-five most magnificent bars in the world by CNN Greece.

In keeping with the exclusivity and ideals of this bespoke sanctuary, The Banjaran only accommodates adults and guests 12 years of age and above.


Our villas are set in tranquil environments, such as in a secluded tropical garden or on the banks of a water canal. Be one with nature and have yourself a rejuvenating stay in either one of our three villas


Awaken your senses at The Banjaran with the numerous choices of treatments and programmes available for your wellness journey, mere relaxation, rekindling romance, delightful dining and meaningful occasions.


Jeff’s Cellar located within a prehistoric limestone cave – is one of the most unique dining places in the world and it promises to offer a unique dining experience.

Pomelo Restaurant – This all-day restaurant not only serves delicious meals, but also Romantic Candle Light Dinners to celebrate a special occasion. Asian and International cuisine, offering you culinary treats no matter the time of day.


The spa and wellness treatments are the heart and soul of The Banjaran experience. Enjoy the true Asian philosophy of wellness with treatments from the ancient ethnic traditions of indigenous Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures.

Our comprehensive menu includes traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic therapy and Malay healing rituals. It also includes contemporary spa treatments, using both pure and natural ingredients.


Treat yourself to even more savings on top of the diverse selection of pampering treatments at The Banjaran.

· THE BANJARAN’S DAY PASS – The Banjaran’s Day Pass programme is the ultimate ticket to revitalise your body and mind.

· THE BANJARAN’S DAY SPA PACKAGES – Indulge in our variety of spa treatment packages, then have yourself a little R&R at our comprehensive range of unique spa features.


Our highly-personalised approach to wellbeing spans spoiling spa treatments,

Bespoke wellness programmes and first-class fitness facilities, all inspired by our natural surroundings. With in-resort geothermal hot spring pools and holistic treatment caves, as well as traditional rituals and energising activities, The Banjaran places your physical and mental wellness front and centre. It’s time to unwind and rediscover the power of well-being and personal healing.

· HOT SPRINGS – Wash away your worries, strains and physical pains with a long, lazy dip in hot spring pools burrowed in the heart of our prehistoric valley. One of the region’s most impressive natural wonders, more than 3 billion litres of mineral-rich water gently simmer below the surface

· TREATMENT CAVES ( STEAM CAVE ) – Surrounded by limestone mountains hiding mystical caves, The Banjaran is blessed to be located in the midst of such an enchanting terrain. Over the years, we’ve carefully and thoughtfully adopted some of these caverns to benefit your well-being.

· GARRA RUFA POOL – Dip your feet into our exotic garra rufa pool and let the doctor fish do their business. A natural form for exfoliation, the small fish will nibble away at any dead cells, leaving your feet feeling refreshed.

· YOGA, MEDITATION & TAI CHI CLASSES – As the sun slowly sinks into the surrounding jungle, join our in-house guru for a 45-minute Hatha Yoga and Pranayama class. Held daily on our dedicated yoga platform, the ancient Hindu discipline is a spiritual way to wave goodbye to another day in paradise.


The Banjaran’s Wellness Programme takes a holistic approach to wellness with the incorporation of healthy meals, exercise and treatments.


With an experienced team of wellness practitioners in residence, we offer a total of six (6) different consultations. With this variety of readings and assessments, we’ll be able to tailor specific programmes and therapies to your exact needs and preferences.


Enhance your overall wellbeing. Our detoxifying and restorative treatments are aimed at providing balance and giving a boost to your physical state of health. For relaxation and deep healing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, our energy healing treatment, Reiki, returns balance and unblocks your auras and chakras.


Opt for an all-encompassing therapy that promotes wellbeing from start to finish. Each of these treatments includes a ritual which aims to bring out the maximum benefits of the procedure.


Enjoy Aromatherapy Associates facials that use the finest pure essential oils and plant extracts to suit your individual skin needs. Treatments cover anti-ageing to sensitive skin, with an exclusive men’s range with specifically-designed massage techniques to nourish the inner tissues of your face.


Reward and pamper your hands and feet with our luxuriously relaxing manicure and pedicure. Also available are our foot reflexology treatments


Feel rejuvenated and revitalised as you immerse in a relaxing soak that cleanses the body, awakens your senses, soothes muscles and restores a general sense of wellbeing. For the hair, a nourishing cream bath helps regain your hair’s natural vitality, shine, moisture


Complement your stay and your wellness programmes with activities known to promote blood circulation and wellbeing.

For an exclusive eco-friendly wellness retreat enveloped in the very depths of nature, The Banjaran conserve the environment and reduce carbon footprint. The sustainable design features implemented in the resort balance both the well-being of the environment and promote green messages to our guests and the community.

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