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Wishing Everyone A Happy And Healthy Ramadan from EzyHealthcare Team



Ramadan is the ninth and the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims fast, abstain from pleasures, and pray during Ramadan to draw closer to God. It’s also a time for families to get together and enjoy the blessings of Allah. Muslims start fasting from the following day after the crescent moon appears in the sky, signaling the beginning of a new month. As a result, Ramadan does not begin in many countries until religious leaders declare that they have personally seen the crescent moon. The prolonged fasting ends with the worldwide celebration of Eidul Fitri.

Health benefits of fasting in Ramadan

1. Protection from obesity and chronic diseases

Fasting throughout Ramadan may assist in preventing obesity and other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Ramadan fasting requires abstaining from the consumption of food and water between sunrise and sunset. Hence, it enhances the levels of proteins providing insulin resistance. It also offers protection against the hazards of a fat and sugar-rich diet.

2. Lowering cholesterol & improving blood sugar level

As Ramadan Fasting stimulates the lipid profile, it lowers blood cholesterol. Consequently, it prevents heart attacks, strokes, and other disorders. Also, if one maintains a healthy diet after Ramadan, individuals will retain the newly reduced cholesterol level.

3. Improved digestive system

Observing Ramadan and fasting positively impacts one lifestyle and digestive system. A human body naturally detoxifies after a month of flushing out of the toxins in the body. Further, it balances the heat generation and acidity levels in the human stomach.

Scientific benefits of fasting in Ramadan

1. Reduces stress – Fasting throughout the holy month of Ramadan is one of Islam’s most essential commandments. Muslims fast for 12-14 hours each day during Ramadan. They get up early for prayers, eat before sunrise, sleep later, and eat substantial meals after dusk to replenish their energy and fluid stores. Due to this, eating habits, sleep length and sleep pattern change in a constructive way. Fasting throughout the holy month of Ramadan improves mental health by lowering depression, anxiety, and stress levels.

2. Prevents cancer – Many research has been released in the last few years suggesting that Ramadan Fasting can lower health risk factors. It can also reverse the symptoms of severe health illnesses such as cancer. According to the research, this could be attributed to reduced glucose synthesis in the blood, balanced nutritional intake, and increased generation of tumor-killing cells.

3. Assists in Alzheimer – There are few therapeutic choices for those who develop Alzheimer’s, which causes ever-worsening cognitive and behavioral issues. Fasting is a therapy option that is rapidly gaining traction outside of the domain of pharmaceuticals and treatments. Ramadan Fasting, commonly promoted as a weight-loss approach, has been demonstrated in research to significantly relieve Alzheimer’s symptoms and decline in slow cognitive development in rats.

The End Note : These are some important benefits of fasting in Ramadan that you need to know, to STAY FIT DURING RAMADAN . Hopefully, the information provided in this article will help you better understand the importance of fasting.


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