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Welcome to Ezyhealthcare, your trusted medical tourism facilitator for comprehensive organ transplant services. We specialize in providing top-notch kidney transplant treatments in India, ensuring excellent medical care and affordable costs. Kidneys play a crucial role in maintaining our overall health, filtering blood, regulating blood pressure, and eliminating waste from the body. However, conditions like chronic kidney diseases and kidney failure can arise from prolonged diabetes or high blood pressure. With a success rate of 90 to 95%, kidney transplant treatment in India is highly sought-after. Allow us to guide you through the essential facts about kidney transplant surgery, treatment options, and recovery periods.

Introduction to Kidney Transplant Surgery

At Ezyhealthcare, we offer a comprehensive range of information on kidney transplant surgery, empowering you to make informed decisions. Here are the key aspects we cover:

Types of Kidney Transplants

There are three primary types of kidney transplant treatments, each tailored to suit specific circumstances:

Deceased-Donor Kidney Transplant: This option involves transplanting a healthy kidney from a recently deceased individual. Prior consent from the donor’s family or the presence of a donor card is necessary. The donated kidney can be preserved on ice or connected to a machine until it is transplanted into the recipient.

Living-Donor Kidney Transplant: In this option, a healthy kidney is extracted from a living donor and transplanted into the recipient. Remarkably, only one healthy kidney is required to sustain the body’s needs. The advantage of this option is reduced waiting time, leading to better patient outcomes.

Preemptive Kidney Transplant: This treatment option involves performing a kidney transplant before the recipient’s kidney function deteriorates significantly. By preventing the need for regular dialysis, preemptive kidney transplants improve the overall quality of life for the patient.

Advantages of a Kidney Transplant

Opting for a kidney transplant offers numerous advantages compared to long-term dialysis sessions. Some key benefits include:

Improved quality of life and greater control over day-to-day activities.

Enhanced freedom as patients are not bound by dialysis schedules.

Increased stamina, strength, and energy levels.

Reduced risk of death and normalized fluid intake.

Fewer dietary restrictions and decreased reliance on high blood pressure medications.

The possibility of reversing anemia and lower treatment costs.

Preparations Required Before a Kidney Transplant

Before undergoing a kidney transplant, comprehensive preparations are necessary to ensure successful outcomes. Our team at Ezyhealthcare guides you through these preparations, which include a series of tests to evaluate your overall health condition, such as chest X-rays, medical history assessments, EKG (Electrocardiogram), and blood tests for infection screening and tissue typing. These evaluations help determine your eligibility for the transplant and minimize post-transplant complications.

Risks Associated with Kidney Transplant Treatment

While kidney transplant treatment is an effective solution for kidney failure and advanced kidney diseases, it’s essential to understand the associated risks. Surgical complications, organ rejection, and side effects from immunosuppressant medications are potential risks. At Ezyhealthcare, we ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of these risks and provide the necessary information to make well-informed decisions about your healthcare.

Kidney Transplant Cost in India

At Ezyhealthcare, we understand the importance of affordability alongside quality medical care. In India, the approximate cost of a kidney transplant in private hospitals ranges from 5 to 6 lakh INR. Lifelong post-surgery medications cost around 10,000 INR, and follow-up consultations amount to approximately 15,000 INR.

Success Rate of Kidney Transplants in India

With our extensive network of leading hospitals and experienced medical professionals, we proudly maintain a high success rate for kidney transplants in India. Live donor transplants have a success rate of 90 to 95%, ensuring favorable outcomes for patients of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Transplants in India

To address common concerns, we have compiled some frequently asked questions:

What are the kinds of donors for kidney transplants?

Kidney transplants can be performed using organs from deceased donors or living donors, including family members, co-workers, or friends. Thorough tests are conducted for compatibility in the case of deceased donor transplants.

Will an individual require dialysis after a kidney transplant?

After a successful kidney transplant, the donated kidney takes over the filtering function, eliminating the need for dialysis.

Can anyone get a kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant treatment is intended for individuals facing end-stage kidney disease and renal failure, provided they can tolerate the surgical procedure.

How long is the hospital stay after a kidney transplant?

Typically, patients require a minimum of 5 to 10 days of hospitalization after kidney transplant surgery, depending on their medical condition.

How long does a kidney transplant surgery take?

On average, a kidney transplant surgery takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete.

What kind of anesthesia is used during a kidney transplant?

Patients with significant cardiovascular issues may require intra-arterial blood pressure monitoring. Kidney transplant surgeries typically involve the use of both general and epidural anesthesia.

Are there alternative treatment options for individuals unable to receive a kidney transplant?

Patients who are unable to undergo a kidney transplant can consider dialysis as an alternative. The frequency of dialysis sessions is determined based on specific medical parameters.

Are there any side effects for the donor during a kidney transplant?

Donors may experience a temporary decrease in kidney function, usually ranging from 20 to 30 percent. However, donors can lead normal lives with the remaining healthy kidney.

Please note that the medical and health information provided on our website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice.

Choose Ezyhealthcare for Unmatched Kidney Transplant Facilitator Services

At Ezyhealthcare, we strive to provide comprehensive and unique healthcare facilitator services for organ transplants. Our commitment to personalized care, affordable pricing, and transparent information ensures a seamless medical tourism experience. Contact us today to explore the best kidney transplant options in India and embark on a journey towards improved health and well-being.



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